Welcome to Worship Academy

Training for worshipers and worship leaders

Established in 2003, Worship Academy has been providing training for worshipers, worship leaders and musicians both in the UK and globally. We are now offering one to one musical tuition online, as well as continuing to speak and teach at churches in the UK and the world.

1-1 music lessons take place using the Zoom app, and and are taught by Benjamin Sealey, a highly experienced teacher of music, worship leader, speaker and author. Lessons come from his music studio and are completely tailored to where you are as a musician, whether you are an absolute beginner of any age or more advanced and are looking to refine your musical skills. There is a free trial lesson to meet the tutor and to assess where you are and how you would like to develop. For more information, visit our lessons page.

Benjamin continues to be available to work specifically with churches, for speaking online and at churches and conferences not only on music and worship team building,  but also on the heart of worship and God’s purpose for us in worship. For more information, email him. There are also free resources on worship available on this site, see our resource page.

1-1 online tuition available in: